What a cheese night………


It’s all about cheese, nothing else.  Leave this page now if you can’t stand it šŸ˜›



Tomato Mozzarella salad. 

Tomato and fresh milk cheese my favorite combo.   So fresh and healthy.    I like it with vinegar.  hmm… can finish all by myself.  haha I am selfish.  Don’t want to share sorry.  And Chinese said you won’t get fat if not sharing hehehe šŸ˜› 


Main course


Tomato Mozzarella pizza

See the melted cheese on top with thin crispy crust?  It smelled and tasted fantastic.

haha too much mozzarella for you?  But it just craved my cheese tooth. 

Frankly, I had deep fried cheese as starter as well.

Guess you think I am a fat woman right?  lol

I don’t care. 

I love mozzarella.   Was a wild mozzarella night.  

Can’t wait to have it again šŸ˜›

Have a cheese weekend all  xo  

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