sunrise or sunset?

a sunrise maldives 

Cool, refreshing, sober, bright, strong, hopes



Fickle, sentimental, gentle and difficult to make it stay?

The first photo is sunrise from Maldives.

A quite and cool early morning.  Crawled up from bed and took a few shots.   Sunrise and sleepy me.  No good to share.  So you see the sunrise.  Not me.

The second one, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  Sunset in Boracay.

Most people stopped doing everything. Just sitting on beaches, listening bird’s talk and couldn’t afford a blink.   Every blink would lead to a miss of beautiful changes of sunset.   

You like sunrise or sunset?

Is sunset person more romantic?

Are you are morning person or a night owl?


18 thoughts on “sunrise or sunset?

  1. I love sunrise.  interestingly enough that hasn’t changed since childhood :D- what has changed is I’m an nightowl often going to bed with sun up for the rest :D. two movie examples of sunrise are the opening of Fiddler on the roof- ad the decision to   work a miracle aqabah! in lawrence of arabia.  both are amazingly long film ordeals- 3 hours plus each. but perhaps library able in that they are classics or at least highly regaurded films seventy and sixty-two I believe respestively  directors norman jewison for fiddler with topal the lead, and dir. sir david lean with peter o toole the principal character with jose ferrer, alec guiness, anthony quinn, clauderain- my personal alltime favorite vague villain character actor.and more.

  2. i am not a morning person. so i will go with night owl.   but i will get up if there is a reason to and to watch a beautiful sunrise is a good reason.  but then back to bed.  lol2 beautiful photos

  3. If I had my preference, I would fall asleep (with him) watching the sun rise.  I still enjoy the beauties of each of them, though I usually have a better view of the sunsets.

  4. I love the sunrise.  Sunsets aren’t half bad, but I see the sunrise much more often and am partial to that time of day. I love to watch sunrise in the mountains.  First, the pale light illuminates the trees on top of the mountains to the east, but in silhouette.  Then a smudge of color touches the eastern sky, and soon the color explodes into day, but it’s not over yet. It’s only halfway done.  Now the sun touches the tops of the western mountains.  Then the light rushes eastward down toward the valley floor filling in the colors until it reaches the bottom and it is day.   I’ll never tire of watching it.

  5. Hard to choose……..sunrise gives rise to the start of the day ~ a fresh start and a promise of what the day will bring.  A sunset, on the other hand, gives rise to reflection of the day and a chance to unwind……..I like them both!

  6. @atticusfin – you are perfectly right.  For me rushing to work in the morning, most of time would be totally dark after finishing work.  Only way to watch sunrise and or sunset is during holiday.  Everything looks nice during holiday 😉

  7. I like to photograph both, sunsets are generally easier because it fits in between most people’s sleep schedules. But sunrise, usually the air is clearer, the colors brighter, and there are less people around.I guess I like sunrises more, because I’m greedy and I want the sunrise to myself!

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