quiet and peaceful


was a lovely afternoon in an abandon village……


8 thoughts on “quiet and peaceful

      • if you want to get the sweet tooth of a bear within ya paying attention… you have at least culturally a shot at chinese new year and allll the goodies…. we’ve christmas/american thanksgiving for those uber food dinner/feasts but halloween isserious candy action. now you said once you weren’t mega candy happy/crazy and didn’t even take sugar to the coffee…. okay, adults get to dress up all ghoulish and see the little rotters of the neighborhood trot around all cute and blow a mint on giving away candy which we alllll know we eat just as much for one person as ever we give away….burp. anyways, yes, halloween a corruption of all hallow’s eve(ning)the night before all souls day which is uber catholic or something which I’m so not but you’d maybe get that religious end if you visited mexico 10.31 any od year.

      • hey, coffee is different. It can’t be sweet one for me!!!!!
        I did celebrate Halloween while in university lol But no one gave me candies as I was too scary lol
        I do love soft candies. NOT the hard one. And all desserts hehe
        Mexico….. it’s on my must go list!

    • well, it’s not really abandoned… The fact is Government got back the lands for further development. So the original villagers were forced to move elsewhere a year ago. But now, can’t see any development yet. Houses are still there…. like a ghost village 😛

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