what you want?


It has been a month





How come it takes so long

I let it rest a lot…….

But it’s still complaining

I gave it lot of “nurture”


But it doesn’t appreciate……


I got a hiking stick now…..

My arm and wrist complain……….

What should I do?!


4 thoughts on “what you want?

  1. Time always goes so much slower when you feel restricted. Time to explore more of the less physically active things you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time, like catch up on TV/movies, or read some books that struck your interest. =) If you wanted to go the nerd route full tilt- you could look over some of the free online classes as there are numerous subjects available.

    Then there’s home delivery service – you can treat yourself to some nice catered meals of your favorite dishes to see how they stack up….yum yum!

    • the problem is feeling stressful for calling long sick. And doctors only gave me a few days sick leave each time. So have to keep going to clinics and update company my situation….. anyway, will start physiotherapy tomorrow. Hope will recover very soon. Thanks for the advice =)

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