Time do help


Let it go

Erase from your memories……

Who said you can’t do that?

Time helps

It will be gone without a trace

Found this little note when trashing stuff in drawer

But it means nothing to me now……


2 thoughts on “Time do help

  1. I am amazed at what I’ve tried to save and what lasts. I know it’s just my memory and as we get older we can edit ours to the point of making the opposite true to us… but imagine once I thought a little spy type film camera for 7 something dollars when such was 2 hours wages was so so neat like just like in the 80’s spy movies neato..got one just like i got a digital camera back in 1998 and wow that trip to photograph the places near and above moffat tunel closest town rollinsville colorado where it’s like 7 miles of tunnel through the continental divide to winter park bound and of course all points westerly. I took a photo the only one of significance of the reflection of the sky off a locomotive windscreene… purdy! I bought other cameras and took piles more pictures but the birth of a mini passion of photography was beginning then. later points are the best pictures I ever took in 2001-2002 with last hurrah in 06 not saying i don’t want better but the creativity like then is not the same. now I’d only be a repeated ghost. kinda the same for cooking oh I still can create and execute edibly but i don’t have the magic joys any longer excdepting fleetingly. or i suppose I know my past as I fight for a future..just like you… 🙂 it’s amazing the impact of truth years nutured poof! vanishes with the truth…or the dreams they are the lie.

    • hey, you know our memories don’t reflect the truth. it’s selective 😉 do miss those days using films. Photos are much more meaningful and different. But now, I don’t have patient to wait for the film process lol. Have a great day dear. Hugs

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