Most people have smartphone or computer.  Documents, photos, music, movies, calendar, contacts and reminders are all in it. 

If your computer or smartphone is going to die, what is the most important stuff you want to retrieve?  Why? 

Last time the hard disk of my computer died.  As it was no hope to recover anything, I felt relatively easy.  I knew there was no hope.  Might be the same applied in life.  If we knew something had no hope, we had to let go, it would be easier than making a decision or keep guessing? 

What you think?


14 thoughts on “Dying

  1. my phone has been crapping out for some time now and i need a new one. it will no longer re-boot and i have lost photos.  maybe this weekend i will see about new phone. samsung gs3 looks good.

  2. yes, sometimes letting go…when there is no choice…is liberating. generally, however, i endeavour to back-up my code and my photos and try my best to avoid having to “let go” should my computer do the same… hopefully until *i* have to let go — which, god willing, won’t be for another thirty years or so. 😉

  3. @buddy71 – My phone will have back up automatically whenever connected with wifi.  But I have no external hard drive to back up data on my computer.  I need to get one soon I think 😛  We like your photos my dears.  Please do have back up :P:P:P

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