Have Lasik 7 or 8 years ago to correct my eye sight.  Will never forget how excited and delighted, no need to find glasses when waking up. 

I love water.  It is much convenient for me without glasses.  Could jump into water whenever I wanted.  Could see fishes swimming with me clearly.  I love that feeling. 

Love kissing without glasses.  Closer and intimate šŸ˜› 

Sadly, good time won’t last forever.  Had eyesight checked lately.  Need glasses to correct eyesight again.  As I have Lasik operation, better not to wear contact lens……. that’s a nightmare. 

I don’t like glasses. I don’t like my look with glasses.  I don’t need glasses making distance of world.   I choose a blur world rather than clear one with glasses šŸ˜› 


19 thoughts on “Glasses?

  1. hah you look great! Just don’t wear them when you don’t need to I guess!I’ve never worn glasses in my life, but my vision is definitely degrading, especially with more time on my phone (and I bought a huge one just so it’s easier to read)

  2. Can lasik only be done once, or can it be used again to make adjustments once you stabilize? Well, if things get blurry, on the plus side, you’ll never have ti worry about a bad looking blind date.

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