would you hire a part time lover?


Not talking about moral sense.

It came in my mind suddenly.

Would you hire a part time lover if you could?  Isn’t it like an instant cup noodle?

Am I drunk or too exhausted?  Asking a silly question? 


31 thoughts on “would you hire a part time lover?

  1. @MichellelyNg – yeah well, you’re right, maybe for a day or two, then you still wanna go see a movie :PAnd if anyone think I’m a good actor, they must be pretty stupid xD hahaYou’re cute, wanna go on a date?oh wait, you’re like 15000km away, nevermind!

  2. @XtremePsionic – don’t want to admit money can do anything on love.  Think about those who lives in remote and or poor countries?  No tvs, no cinemas, no cars………………. lol thanks.  am I cute?  let me ask people around lol   

  3. @MichellelyNg – you don’t have to ask anyone, I already told you :PWell, ok, they might not have a lot of money, but some kind of resource, a stick, a flower.. you need some material thing more than just a smile and a face no?Well, maybe you’re nice and you could love someone with just a smile and a face… that’s nice, clone yourself and move over here. Maybe I’m looking for the wrong kind of girls…

  4. @MichellelyNg – sigh, I agree. I think girls like you go hiding or something, or do people put on a brave face and say what they don’t mean in this world so they would appear “cool”?I don’t know what to think anymore! I guess 2am is time to sleep yeah?Simple is best, but sometimes life is pretty complicated!

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