ice breaking


What a cute bear!  Simply using his paws and nails could break the hard ice.  But what you will do in real life?

Here are some ice breaking questions I found on web pages:

1. You look nice

2. Let’s talk about your job

3. What’s your favourite TV show/movie/book?

4. What kind of music do you listen to?

5. What are your life goals?

6. Would you rather?

7. Are you a morning person or a night person?

8. What is your sign?

9. What’s your favourite holiday?

10. Which is your favourite season?  Why?

Well, no matter what kind of question it will be, better be an open question.  It means not a “yes” or “no” answer question.

For me, I prefer some funny or relaxing questions like “If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?”  It is a harmless question but related to daily life.   Most important, it let the conversation goes on ……

Not sure if I am strange or too sensitive.  I don’t like stranger asking where I live or if I live alone.   Why is that so important to get to know a person?

The most impressive ice breaking question to me was “regarding of money, where would you go to have vacation with me?”    It is a sweet question.

How about you?  Any favourite questions?


6 thoughts on “ice breaking

  1. favorite q’s… well, bbq. 😉 I honestly don’t have a ready answer for you. I have millions it seems questions, but the trick lately is listening to the answers so having to ask is reduced to finding out versus trying to cheat by you/anyone just telling me

      • 😉 least I can do but subtley say you’re right 😀

        bbq. I’m not one of the states of bbq or famous towns. so, I’m not likely to show you anything someone cant charm you into something else being the best you ever had 😀 but, bbq, pretty much of the spannish barbecoa as corrupted into what we’s got now bbq. and what i like, well my favorites of bbq are bbq brisket in a slightly hotter sauce. I mean pro places not one offs make what is considered double hot here comes lava sounding nearly everyone can eat it even the wimps I actually am not fond of the hottest of anything… I mean yeah, I can eat a dried ghost chili but little else save bread and such to dampen the trials of hell and water. but I don’t actually like to do that I like to actually eat. besides mean sis out hots me any day of the week so we try to avoid that embarassment 😀 😉 next to brisket I like sausage so not like it isn’t bbq as a well cooked sausage take a good long time to not be dry and or burnt. often this is my choice at bbq outtings. I do like ribs yes the standard pork ones that are bbq or the far more lurid beef cross cut ones mmmm and I will occasionally try bbq chicken but to be honest this i learned I’m no longer a purist about bbq I used to be and I enjoyed those times now I’m hungry and not in the mood to crap on the best people can offer… i’m thus happy with the tub of sauced to death drowning shredded chicken / pulled pork or shredded beef. this by rights isn’t bbq, this is travesty 😉 while I cant gauruntee you I can prove this I will try should you arrive…it’s worth knowing this 😀 I mean I have cooked my roasts all twenty four hours long low and slow slightly if barely seasoned in the oven having to air out the house as my pilot went out oopies then ligh that…it literally was bbq. that is the tradition long low and slow for tender you just cant boil in. in fairness smoked things grab me more and smoking while in the bbq tradition isn’t bbq… persay it’s smoking. but again that’s just me being a purest. and remember I’m largely not anymore… the reason I say this is you never here bbq fish/salmon. you just don’t but what’s so wrong with a four hour or more smoked yummy fish, it’s mmmm 😀 it’s drool worthy… I happen to like ox which is what one smoked salmon is called. heck I’ve even seen them done on a bbq grill! but that said it’s not bbq or called that however it is close. smoke is a part of bbq not a gauruntee. this all said I lean towards mesquite over hickory and I like appl.ewood smoked chicken but applewood was last year as jokes of fashion go. my favorite smokey thing is smoked salt, alderwood smoked sea salt on pork chops fried… yes fried… in a big old iron skillet on medium to medium low thus taking 25-30 minutes to cook through longer if thicker. fried in butter and olive oil with not else. that is again not bbq nor much in the root of bbq but it is a delight. it might remind you more of the taste of ham versus a taste of pork chop… that is how good it can be. and this thus is some of my sins bbq. I’m just gone the way of hell of sauces now.. that isn’t the true bbq way 😀

  2. i feel the same way as you do. i always try to stray away from questions regarding jobs, money, family, religion, politics, and sports. even if it’s only a conversation with a fellow attendee at a party or gathering. i’m more into food, hobbies, and traveling type of topics. things that make us all feel happy, liberated, and maybe a little unapologetically crazy.

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