Mid Autumn Festival

photo 1-4


Kumamon wishing you Happy Mid Autumn!


Or from Line

photo 2-4

Or from me?


Which photo you like?  I like the last one….

Not a good day for me even lucky to have an off day.

Don’t want to go into details.  Only wish you guys are spending this special day with those you loved, and those you want being with.

Have a sweet one.  Don’t eat too much moon cakes 😉


Best wishes,



7 thoughts on “Mid Autumn Festival

  1. I’m not sure I’ve had the pleasure of moon cakes… I have had a delightful moon pie! I like the third picture too. lol it’s so funny, it’s not even autumn b y the soltice/ equinox thing and yet spring is there in australia and you’re talking mid autumn festival 😀 I’m thinking though of a festival of sorts as I had to work my city festivals both… a personal festival 😀 no, not a drunken fall down… festival. I’m thinking as I must travel to the sources to paay off my lab and my doctor, I’m going to be in an area which offers, a fine sushi offering stand chinese american style etc where I might expand my belly with a phoenix roll. fried soft shell crab made into a fancy looking sushi roll. or speaking of drunken fall downs 😀 its the same and only area carrying genessee beer. which is distinctive even if it is dir cheap quality. this also leaves opeh twisted burito where i can get a fine smothered delight. but in tuth what intrigues me the most isn’t one place but the offerings new or rarely gotten. so my home area has the water bill and jasmine asian where they’ve got a real good mussels appetizer that’s a true delight also if I cant move from the chair 😀 they’ve a fine orange duck. but I’m not out for the same old sit down however rare but a stroll about the best.

    so michelle 😀 what would you think of the following?
    mussels in spring onion broth- jasmine asian corner ofs. broadway at hampden englewood.
    fried zuchini sticks – rico’s other corner of s. broadway at hampden.

    enjoy such under the trees in a mini corner “park” with a waltz down to the actual park which passes a coffee shoppe bookstore I’ve never tried – if you wish to walk… if not there is the shuttle and the library which means far less of that walking junk and a nice new coffee shoppe I’ve never again been in. if you choose coffee shoppe two it’s rather funny…nixon went to china via henry kissinger… now you’ve nixon’s coffee where you china can visit here. 😉

    I recommend the break between appettizer and any different offering as I just cant eat as much as I myself would like to… and who likes waddling about like a duck on land after too many meals?

    now after a coffee and becausse there is options, I suggest you choose your own adventure. if we walk some more after the shuttles other end terminus… we’ve got my towns second best pizza pie ever and it’s a wine bar as well. the pie is of course your choice but I sure do like the diavala or salami spicy red pepper flakes crust one the pino pizeria offers. or, if you want my areas absolute best offering of pizza jimano’s which hascan deliver us afine stuffed to heavens pizza and I’ve been meaning to have them recrete an experience of a place sadly gone… the stuffed crust spinach garlic green olive pizza and this can or can not as you choose include bacon… but also be a different pie entirely. but I’m thinking it’s be a waste at that point as I’d be too full still to do a pizza and yet if you’d wish said it’s better still to grap a take and bake one as they’re #3 over jimanos and pino, but you get nothing fresher than straight out of the oven and that fun enough

    now pardon the derailing going but if you’d be too full like i’d be and not need a pizza yet lol which means nap and ths home 😉 how about the train.

    southbound offers the littleton downtown with shopping and such that might be fun whilst waiting to be hungry again. I know this means i can hit the savory spice shop.
    whatever you decide for a light picnic is a quick step to about the prettiest in town with vistas of the mountains in the distance of the end of the souther line at mineral. it’s just a biggish stop for busses yes but it’s actually pretty

    this can excite you to follow me hopefully to the next town down’s city center where they’ve this place called the landau arms a supposedly irish themed bar but ah ah? they’ve quite the delightful to me offering of a cod tostada. and are likely to have something big beer you might like too 😀

    if you feel like a northbound jaunt on the city train, there is a minor delight in a few stops up deciding easily between a heavy but damn good griff’s hamburger or karma asia for some pineapple cream cheese wotons. we’ll neglect taco bell and the blue bonnet for two reasons… I got food poisoning at the blue bonnet at my brother’s rehersal dinner for his ex wife’s before wedding dinner… and taco bell is just fast food. while this is fine i don’t consider fast food “new” if you still have the pizza cravings there is this town’s famous pizza… it’s nice it’s just not listed on the best of my area as it isn’t my area. bu it’s quite good. or if you want to trust me, there is senior buritto where you can watch with delight how a fast kitchen can only make this, a soft chili relleno other wise know as the egg batter rellens=o versus the one wrapped in a wonton skin and fried known as the “crispy” there is this whisper of a third option in the cornmeal battered relleno but I’ve not had it so I don’t know what to say past it isn’ available in these areas or offerings.

    there is some delightful niche shopping like neato necklaces and such nots

    or you may take the train wholly downtown where we’d re up on coffee if you remember your coffee present you could charm me there as it’s next to a different location of savory spice shop 😀 lol and also about the neatest english tea room treat of iced apricot tea…plus a sandwich… or the neopolitan pizza pace a door or so down.. there is technically a sushi sasa there but such would require planning the exact opposite of a stumble about to goodness as I know the place gets expensive fast…. it is that! good but. um, … moving along

    there is a supermarket of hippy prowess at the western downtown offering which could mean cheeses and wines in the river park to let it all just drift by.

    or coffee up at the charbuckles… oops starbucks and shoppe silly it’s tourist trappy cool. catch a movie which means there’s anthony’s pizza for share one with me small or stroll with me to get a lychee ramune at the japanese market. while the mall and surroundings have plenty of options food, walk with me to shishkabob grill as now you can get a taste of lebanon on with a lentil soup and if you’ve a taste for it their ranch dressing in their hummus pretty as a picture presented spiced with hot pita brad. you can tour the capitol of the staqte if you’d like and or take a seat in the library main down town one I prefer the western room upstairs . you can imagine that you sit reading where the presidents of counttries came for one of the summits.

    to blow out the evening right, we hop the saccordian bus and bounce to the other end of town. masala usa for paper thin doza of the souther india tradition of all vegetarian cuisine. there’s an indian mini mart/bizaare for trinkets neat and a dairy queen if you’d like a sweet trate like a fine ice cream shake. this allows for the train to catch uou up with sunset.

    as you decide as you see. but does a day of the extradinary sound tasty fun?

      • as with wishes, just want them and they tend to come true soon enough 🙂 I’d like a stroll in a land alien in attitude to my own. or converswely, I can show a bunch of my town….curiously though I pick very few of the hottest places just good one. 😀 they last longer

  2. i like the second one, but it doesn’t show you the moon cakes like the first one does. by the way, those are cute little moon cakes you got. hope they are tasty.

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