Next destination


My first trip in my life was to Mongolia via Beijing.  That was long time ago, summer holiday after first year study in university.  But the feeling of you are nothing while standing in the middle of endless grassland still impressed me.  I won’t think I can forget.

Can’t stop traveling after the first one.  

Then almost three months in Europe.  Heavy backpack couldn’t deterred me.  Started from Paris.  Traveling around by train mainly with Europe Pass for students.  Was cheap and Easy.  Switzerland, Italy, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece……….

Happy could have beer in Mensa in Germany.  Mensa is sort of student canteen in University with good food and beer in cheap price!  Romantic Charles Bridge in Czech, The salt mine in Austria, of course, music as well 😛  Beautiful islands around Greece.  Stuck in pier overnight due to labor strike made me worried.  Lot of memories………..First time in my life, I missed home.

Just couldn’t stop.  Travel is like drug to me.  Normally, 2 weeks annual leave for most people working here.  I got one more week of no paid leave for Turkey, Israel and Egypt trip.  A totally eye opening experiences.  We experienced bomb attack and curfew in Israel. 

After that, separate trips to London, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Guam, NSW of Australia, Bangkok and islands around Thailand, Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Tokyo in Japan, Nepal,Sweden, New York, Miami, South island of New Zealand, Brisbane in Australia, East Africa, Vancouver in Canada, Okinawa, Hawaii……..

The list will go on.  As I feel so small.  Need to see and experience more to make myself “real”.  Hope can travel around the world one day. 

If money and holiday are not a concern, really want to go to Machu Picchu, Peru and other part of South America.   Hope my dreams will come true.

Where will be your next destination? Actually, it doesnt matter.  What matter is you have something to look forward to =)




14 thoughts on “Next destination

  1. You’ve been to a lot of places!My next ones will be, death valley for spring flowers, Yosemite for the waterfalls in June, Norway and Germany in July, British Columbia for the end of summer, and maybe new York city again in the fall.

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