Scavengers/ pack rat/ hoarder……


Old magazines, books, clothes, shoes, diaries, teddy bears, cards, envelopes, letters, empty jars……….

A long list to go. 

Old stuffs are scattered every where in my little place.

Am I too lazy to trash them?  

Yes I am.  That’s an easy and simple answer.  And people won’t ask any further questions.  So yes, I am just lazy.

What behind being lazy?  Hmm…..

I am too greedy.  Wanted to keep everything.  Don’t want to let anything go.

They are not only old stuffs.  They are with memories, no matter good or bad one.  They are more than what you see.  They mean something to me.  Even I have to hide some of them from my sign.  I still want to keep it. 

Does “Keep it” equal to “Have it”? Silly me don’t want to know the difference.

I would trash them one day when they were too heavy.   Too heavy for me to move on.  Or till when I wanted to move on……..  

But now, they are still “belong” to me.  I have them………… 



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