Ice breaking

ice breaker

Hello, how are you?  The weather is nice/cold/gloomy…..   So crowded here…….

And then what?  Long deadddddddddddddddddddddddd air

That’s for greeting only.  Not an ice breaking question.

What do you do for life? 

hmm.. hmm…

Not sure why people like to ask about work.  But for me it’s not a good ice breaking question.  No matter how you enjoy your work, it is not something relaxing right?  And I tried to separate my work with life. 

So what should talk about?  Any ideas?  Please please please please please.  

Well, normally I would love to talk about travel or recent holiday etc.  Guess most people love holiday.  It is always cheerful and relaxing right?  

Just remember something, I told a guy my name.  Then he said

“Michelle, my belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble”

And asked me if I knew the song.  It is quite impressive =)  Something different.

What you think?  What is the most useful or welcome ice breaker for you?  




14 thoughts on “Ice breaking

  1. Ice breaking? I thought you’re talking about ships going to the arctic. Won’t need them for much longer with this global warming going on, you know, kind of like us, I have a feeling were gonna warm right up and just going to talk like good friends instead of awkward strangers trying to find a date.But how cold could you be living in Hong Kong? It’s-20c here right now! Ever been this cold? Stick your hands in the freezer for 5 minutes then we’ll talk some more ok? How’s that? Lol I’m lame…

  2. Oh by the way, it’s so much fun to break thin sheets of ice in the winter, they sound just like glass, without the guilt of breaking actual glass of course. You gotta try it sometimes!

  3. @XtremePsionic – guess what?!  I sent a letter to Santa last year.  Ask his help to stop globle warming and let polar bears have their home 😛  I got a reply letter from Santa’s helper,  an Elf =)))) Never snow here.  Temp. here could drop to around 4C.  I knew not cold for you but I feel cold when temp dropped below 20C.  I need a jacket.  The coldest weather I have ever exeprienced was at Jungfraujoch.  Not everyone as cheeky as you.  Not shy at all when talking to stranger lol hahahhaa :P:P:P

  4. @MichellelyNg – this chatting thing is alright but I’d rather talk on the phone, what’s your number? Haha would this work? ? Actually I could use some practice speaking Cantonese, I’m starting to get an accent speaking that instead of an accent speaking English…

  5. @XtremePsionic – Well, it might work if you were chatting with somone online but not face to face situation right?  lol Good excuse in learning language though lol let me try :P:P:P  I speak Hong Kong English.  Some people think it’s cute lol hehehehe

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