On diet?!


Enjoy hang out with friends.  Just relax and enjoy free time.

But more and more friends are on diet.  Is that due to people are more concerns about their health or just because of  increase in age? 

I love food even junk food.  I think it is alright to eat even junk food if you don’t eat too much.  So really not paying much attention at what I ate at all.  Just order or buy what I wanted to.  I think it’s a kind of balance and healthy diet too.  Well, might be you think I am self deceiving.

Balance diet with exercise is the best combo to reduce weight and keep healthy.  But I don’t think skip a meal can help.  Might be it could help in short term.   By skipping a meal, it only makes you feel starving and want to eat more in another meal.  And it reduces your energy level.  Just make you feel tired and can’t concentrate. 

It is a bit frustrated when you hang out with friends on diet, especially those who doesn’t want to eat anything at all.  Just keep drinking and “watching” you eat.  I feel uneasy with that.  I can’t enjoy delicious food in front of someone who is on diet.  Seems too devilish to do so.  Am I seducing them to break their rules? So I avoid having meals with those on diet.  Or I will have something before meeting them.  Or I will avoid hanging out with those on diet friends who just on diet with food not drinks……….

Well, a bit frustrated dating with someone on diet.  oh guys, please do more exercise, cutting drinks rather than skip meals. 

Are you on diet?  I hope you are not skipping a meal.  I found no reasons and advantages doing so.

Please let me know if you think otherwise.



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