The first day of 2011

  I have a lovely start of New Year. 

Was a cool and sunny day.  See where we went?


Yes, the big Buddha in Lantau Island. 

After spending sometimes in Ngong Ping 360 market,


Just around 10 mins walk, arrived Po Lin Monastery.


We had lunch first.  Mom and Dad should be hungry.  Good to have vegetarian food at the first day of New Year.  It refresh our souls and bodies, prepared for something new. 


It tasted o.k. not as good as last time I came.  Last time, they served deep fried taro fish (smashed taro and made it in fish shape), and deep fried milk.  Anyway, it was good as a quick and healthy lunch. 

After lunch, time to climb up steps and get closer to buddha.


It is amazing. Such a big buddha on top of mountain. 



We had chance to see the Buddish Relic this time.  That museum was closed last time.  Sorry can’t take photos there.  So no chances to share with you.

After visiting big Buddha, we walked back to Ngong Pin 360 village.  Stop by and had dessert on the way. 

Then took cable car back to Tung Chung.


I really enjoyed spending time with parents.  See their happy faces.  So my new year resolution is spending more time with parents.  🙂


After sending parents home.  Time with friends cheers for New Year.


Hope happiness spreads throughout the whole year.  

How you spent the first New Year day?  Any new year resolution?

Wish lucks and loves around no matter what 🙂


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