It’s all dark.  But warm.

Seems quiet and peaceful around. 

But the dark made me a bit uneasy.

It should be a warm and sunny afternoon.

Why so dark around?

Felt tired with dried throat. 

Wanted to close my eyes and embraced by peaceful ambience.  I really love it. 

Cough…… cough.. COUGH!!!!!

Well.  Cruel coughing brought me back.  Had to get some water.

Argh!  Why couldn’t just lying down and rest a bit?

hmm.. no one around.  Had to get up or cough to death.

oops.  I had slept for more than five hours.  Thanks for the cough syrup.  I just took 1/4 more than instruction.  Pour too much accidentally.  Didn’t mean to do that. 

Felt good after a couple hours sleeping through full of strange dreams.  At least not waking up by cough in between. 

Couldn’t sleep well for almost two weeks.  Looks like as lovely as a panda.  “Cute” dark circle around eyes.

Had tried many ways to stop coughing

– rub Mentholatum.  almost covered all my neck and chest

– took extra cough syrup in the mid night

– hot honey water

– hot honey water + lemon+ whisky – friends told me it’s good for cold.  It is not for coughing but at least I should have a good night sleep.  Sorry I had tried a few times, not really work for me

– took a really hot bath full of steam.  Yeah.  Felt better while bathing  but coughing again once no more steam.

– lemon + salt in hot water : not tasty at all.  But it seems can soothing sore throat.

– salty mandarin :  it is an old Chinese remedy.  People preserved mandarin with lot of salt.  My mom has a bottle with “3 years” old salty mandarin.  Well, it soothes sore throat but not cough 😦

Frankly, doctor couldn’t help much.  Had gone to doctor for twice.  Still coughing and couldn’t sleep better.

The third chance



The orange cough syrup is tasty.  Same as the one I got from first visit to doctor.  But felt a little bit better after a long sleep. 

Guess taking more rest is more important than medicine.

Let me back to lethargy.

Cough please leave me alone.   


5 thoughts on “Lethargy

  1. @complicatedlight – are u sure you was awake?  not sure about illusion yet as so sleepy after taking medicine.  Yeah.  you are so nice.  still keep laughing.  It is the best medicine.  Thanks the hugs.  hmm. time to take medicine 🙂  Enjoy the rest of weekend 🙂

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