more = better?


You wanted when you didn’t have it.

When you had it, it looked like what you had wanted…………..

Am I too picky?   Or am I living in my dreams and chasing for someone not existing…….. 

Feel even more empty and lost when you got more.  

Keep telling myself.  have to keep trying.  Just the right one not around yet :P:P:P:P 

10 thoughts on “more = better?

  1. i have learned that the more i wait and long for it, the more it seems impossible. try to just be happy for yourself and contend with making yourself happy without the aid of someone else. then perhaps, when one comes along, it would be a nice surprise and you won’t feel the need to make any comparison.

  2. I don’t think just because you haven’t found what you are looking for, means that you’re picky. There are plenty of people in relationships out there that are just as miserable as those without them. Besides that a lovely woman like you deserves the best! It is your life after all, so you deserve to have what will make you happy.

    I think sometimes we don’t know what we’re asking for. And then when we get it we’re bewildered. Was this really what I wanted? What we expect, and what we get can be two totally different things!

    I think being content is very important, but it’s hard sometimes. There are times when I can be so happy being single, but other times I get depressed. Sometimes it’s just lonely being alone, you know?

    All I can tell you is to keep trying! You’re a beautiful and lovely woman inside and out. And that I believe 1000000000000000000000000%! Sometimes I feel like giving up, but you never know what can happen. If the desire is strong, then surely there has to be a fulfillment to it somewhere. So best of luck to you, and I hope you find your special one!!! 🙂

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