Sex/ Love?


Love first or sex first?

It is a controversial debate since ancient time.  

Most men said no sex, no love.  A guy said “physical attraction is the only foundation of a meaningful relationship.  Without it there’s nothing”

But women always prefer love comes first.   It is so insecure if someone just loving your body but not your soul.  

Guess there is no right or wrong.

Just follow your heart, do whatever you want if no one will get hurts.

Relax and easy……



8 thoughts on “Sex/ Love?

  1. I prefer to follow my brain. It doesn’t do much, but it does have a better sense of self preservation than the heart. 😛

  2. Men are typically much more visually oriented than women, but I think both would agree that an emotional connection is important for having a serious/deep relationship.

    The guys who are purely into the physical aspect aren’t looking for just looking for fun casual encounters instead of something serious.

    True, no right or wrong with what one wants, but they should be honest. A guy/girl shouldn’t pretend to want a deeper relationship with in order to get physical. Similarly, a one shouldn’t hide what they desire for fear of scaring the person away if they want a more emotional based relationship.

    Most relationship troubles start when one person is “casual” while the other is “serious”.


  3. I think ideally, love would come first. Because if it’s based only on a physical attraction, what happens when that starts to wane? Or if you find someone who’s even more physically attractive? There’s not much stability in a physical only attraction type of relationship.

    But we don’t live in an ideal world, so lots of things can make it more complicated. As you said, as long as nobody gets hurt, and honesty is involved there’s nothing wrong in pursuing what you want. Nice entry! ^_^v

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