Simply pleasure


Not sure started from when.  Like wandering in supermarket. 

Fresh and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. Love the color, love the smell.  Energetic and sweet. 

Milk products is one of my favorite section.  Different kind of milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, ice-cream… Can’t make up my mind.

Frozen food.  Should stock some in freezer no matter what. 

Wheat products for breakfast, for snack.   Good for health. 

Candies and chocolate.  Must buy items to sweeten your life.

There are lots of other sections.  You can get most of daily necessities there.  More important, you have choices, even for the same product.  Well, you have more than enough choices.  It makes me feel like a dream place lol.   Sometimes, feel frustrated in life.  Didn’t have choices but had to do in that way.  In supermarket you are the master.  Just pick what you want.  Isn’t it good?


3 thoughts on “Simply pleasure

  1. oh, I’m often told by at the time every durned friend…pity they’re alllll on the back burner for this evil sin… that i need adult ssupervision to enter a food store 🙂  because i take too long.  I mean food leaves the areas with love where it is grown, food finds the displays with some love if the mean manager can beat the teens and job haters into displaying some, and it eventuallly leaves my implements of destruction a tasty treat 🙂 – you HEAR about some of the better ones , see a bit of the best 🙂  and the want to thwart the love in the interest of saving time  hmf 🙂

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