It comes to a woman, a married woman.

Stated her name clearly. 

Being accused of Cheating her husband. 


Took the chance of business trip and messy around.


Why no mention to the married guy?

He cheated his wife as well

THEY betrayed their special one.

Why sent the message to a company enquiry email address?

Most colleague knew they have affair.  It is too explicit. 

Is the informant another mistress?  Did that out of jealous?




11 thoughts on “Informant

  1. i just took the buddhist entry test. i scored “confused” actually ‘m kind of proud of that. better than “angry” or “greedy” or “fearful”, don’t you think? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME(N) NOW? 

  2. @complicatedlight – are u interested in Buddhism?  People are “confused” by the illusion of colorful world.  Confused by the surface of oject.  Men is “confused” by women or lust.  Am I right?  :)Why you know I am a woman?!  Did I show jealousy all the time?  ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. i think the confusion was even more general than that. the great mystery, all that. but yes… women do love their shiny things. and men, we do love you women. oops. i mean, we are confused by you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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