phone in


When was your last time phone in radio?

As long as I remember should be when I was in school.  I phoned in and dedicated a song to my grandma.  That’s the one and only one.

Today, I did it again but for a totally different purpose.  There was a radio segment which a Tarot teller there, you told her the question and she would ask you to draw a number from one to six.  Then she would pick a card and tell you the result based on the number.  Normally, people will ask career or love.  Well, I do have questions on both…… But guess which one I picked?







Yes, that’s it.

Got a very surprising result.  She said I wouldn’t be able to find an office job in 9 months.  I better focus on my present job.  I would have hard feelings even if I got job interviews.

Oh no!

I will try harder and prove that she is wrong!




One thought on “phone in

  1. Hah, I’ve only tried phoning in when I was a little kid. I never connected so I just gave now. Nowadays I don’t even listen to the radio ever!

    You work hard and prove her wrong!

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