fed up

I can understand

You needed to work over-time, have to reschedule dinner

I can understand

You wife do shift work, you had to be home when she suddenly changed schedule

I can understand

You are moody, suddenly feeling down and didn’t want to go out


I CAN’T understand

When you said “can’t join me tonight, because had a big fight with wife. ย Don’t have mood to have fun”

I think we are good friend. ย But you coming out just for having fun?

I am mad………

Am I thinking too much?

Am I too sensitive?



9 thoughts on “fed up

  1. um, I think i read this differently. you’re being declined because someone is jealous of your fun versus you being dismissed. this is a compliment and time for smugness especially if you’re up to social no good…which you typically are not but laugh… jealousy is seemingly present. you make life come alive… try to reason with that mean old heart to get it to smile almost believing this ๐Ÿ˜€ have a hug too.

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