Isn’t it a bit too early?


Yes, Merry Christmas.  Merry Christmas in mid November.

Time flies quick enough.  But people still wanted to have a step ahead.

Christmas decoration around. 



Christmas gifts waving at you.   Sad to find buying less and less Christmas gifts each year.  

Still have six weeks to go.   I like Christmas much due to the song “Love is all around” , due to the movie “Love Actually” πŸ˜›  But I don’t want 2011 passes so quick.  Time passed so quick after 18 anyway………..

Still have a lot to do.  Still have a lot to do to make 2011 as a memorable year.  Need to make something happen in six weeks.

Have to kick myself computer first I think.

Also, let me push 2012 a little bit away.

Recently Updated124 










Please don’t chase me up………………





9 thoughts on “Isn’t it a bit too early?

  1. @complicatedlight – hey hey, long time no hear from you.  Happy to “see” you again.  Guess what I always change ringtone to “love is all around” during Christmas πŸ™‚  oh oh you are sweet.  Thanks.  Wish a great weekend for you.  Stay well.  Hugs.

  2. no, it isnt a “bit early”  it is WAY too much early. some places around here started BEFORE halloween!!!  there should be a law that says holidya stuff can not come out before the month it is celebrated has started un less that holiday is in the first 2 weeks of the month.  lolit is all about the $$$.  

  3. That’s an interesting display in the first image. But yeah, this year Christmas stuff started appearing in stores even before Halloween. It’s super early. I’m not sure how it’ll actually help business, though, if consumers don’t want to spend.

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