Second thought


I don’t have any religion believe.

But went there for peace.  So quiet there.  Feel like all troubles have been shut outside.

No air con but fans only, still cool enough

Keep uttering something in my heart.  Not sure if anyone heard.

Suddenly noticed a lady is sleeping there.  Oh no, not showing the least respect.  That’s what came into my mind.

Don’t you agree?

However, another thought flied in my mind, church is a place opens for everyone, for everyone in need.  Everyone goes there with different purposes.

I was too narrow minded.  Glad can see same thing in different point of view, different perspective.

Thank you for who brings me there.  Thank you for who let me in.

Good morning

IMG_0712 2I am not a morning person but I enjoy the peace which only can be found in the morning.

Not noisy but birds singing with sound of waves on the background.

It’s a bit cool in the morning but the sun keeps you warm gently.


Do you know how much I want you to be around?

Do you know how much I want to share the special moment with you?

Suddenly attacked by loneliness

The sun is still shining, I can’t help but trembling

Need you to keep me warm.

Am I dreaming?