never learn


I miss you, I do.

But I hate you at the same time.

I hate myself missing you even more.

Not the first time suffering from such pain.   Do you know how terrible I felt when you told me you are involved with other women.  Can’t give any commitments.  It was a beautiful day, sun after raining but I felt cold and lonely.

Who told me we are lovers?!

When will I learn from the past?  When will I get smarter?  When can I let you go?

Am I blind?  Am I love being tortured?


miss you


Couldn’t take my eyes off the crystal.

So beautiful.   Looks like infinite possibilities.

You explained a bit what’s a storm glass.


Then, you got a box, packed it and gifted it to me.

Saying I will miss you whenever looking at the storm glass and checking weather.

I staring at your eyes and said “I miss you always”