enjoying being “alone”


Nice to have company but more time you are being alone.

What to do when you are alone and don’t want to stay home?

Do something you love to do.

What are you going to do?

I went to a theme cafe……

All my friends know I like bears.  That’s why I went to a new Kumamon theme cafe.


Chef Kumamon was waiting for me at door.

Ordered a lunch set and upgraded the drink to coffee but ………


So disappointed when I saw they just stick a Kumamon sticker on a plain coffee cup.

Looked around and did find something more interesting


A little cute guy was sitting around.  So so so cute.

I asked a waitress if I could have a seat with one of the cute guy………

hehe here what I got


This cutie was with me for the whole lunch.  I found it more interesting than food and drinks there.

Was an expensive lunch but the cutie made it a bit more worthy lol

Hope you are doing something happy as well 😛

btw, happy Thanksgiving long weekend =)

Dream, dream, dream


I admit I am lazy.  I love sleep- in during off day.  I love lazying on bed.

But what’s wrong of spoiling myself a little bit.  Let me keep dreaming.

Dreams made life better.  Dreams are the best motivation.

So please let me dream………

Have a great weekend all.

I am not lazy in giving hugs though 😉