I can’t cook


I can’t cook but I know……

how to boil water!

And I like beautiful food.  Just like this colourful spaghetti.  It’s kind of color therapy.

Simply put it in boil water, then add instant pasta sauce, don’t forget to put grated cheese on top.

Quick, easy and happy one for someone likes me who can’t cook!

Enjoy =)





Being taught from a kid, prepare for the worst.

I did.  Always

But when the time came, still

I feel sad, wanna cry, wanna hide

But I am sure, will be better tomorrow.

So, please let me being sad and down……

blind spot


“He will divorce his wife and stay with you.”

No.  Please don’t believe him.   That’s the advice I gave to my friends.  Don’t believe a married guy saying so.  Most of the case,  man just wanted to have both women.


When it comes to me, when it became my case,

I act like a fool.  Totally stupid and ignorance.

Am I blind?