saving a bottle


Bang…… bang……bang……

I saw my water bottle slipped from your backpack side pocket, when you were turning around on the steep slope.

You chased it without hesitation.

No!  Leave it! I shouted without thinking.  Sawing the bottle running down.

You almost lost balance but kept chasing the bottle.

Stop!!!!! My heart was in my mouth.  Could you hear me?!

I shouted “Will, STOP!”  desperately.  Almost crying.

You stopped chasing finally before I fainted.

The bottle stopped near the cliff like teasing.

You didn’t listen to me, went slowly down and got the bottle.

Couldn’t you understand the bottle is nothing compare to your life?

I swear wouldn’t let you carry my bottle again.  And I swear wouldn’t go hiking with you if you risk your life.

I still feel bad and scared every time thinking about that.

Everyone no matter I know or not, please treasure your life and don’t act foolish.


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