blind spot


“He will divorce his wife and stay with you.”

No.  Please don’t believe him.   That’s the advice I gave to my friends.  Don’t believe a married guy saying so.  Most of the case,  man just wanted to have both women.


When it comes to me, when it became my case,

I act like a fool.  Totally stupid and ignorance.

Am I blind?


6 thoughts on “blind spot

  1. As a guy I’ll make it simple. Some guys will say anything just to have sex. But if they’re willing to jump through hoops and show action and not demand sex in return, then you could perhaps trust them.

    That said, I wouldn’t play around with anyone who’s still married. If they wanna screw around while married, that just screams “player”, no?

    • the case is a bit complicated. We knew a couple of years ago. Stopped communication once I knew he is married. Well, he found me again last year and said he is getting divorce…… anyway, I know what you meant. Thanks for the advice =)

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