There are lot of ways for communication.  I do forget how to talk over the phone but sending messages only.  It doesn’t fall straightly to mean no “Face to Face” communication is needed.

I found that message on a friend’s social media page.  He just got married a few weeks ago before his wife posting this message on his wall.

Am I old fashion?  That’s not acceptable at all.  Why not “talk”?  Understanding is more than merely “cold” typing words.  Only combination of tones, wordings, facial expression and gesture is real.

Please, we are human, not a robot.  Let’s talk and meet in real.


2 thoughts on “Communication?

  1. The problem with advances in technology is the lack of etiquette in dealing with the new forms of communication. As a result people interchange communication without regard to the personal level.

    The hierarchy of most personal to least is: face to face, telephone, hand written mail, email, text message, social media post.

    Clearly for personal relationship discussion, one should rarely go below email level and use text only in extreme/emergency situations. If that facebook post isn’t a “joke”, then I’m just as surprised as you are- but then again, I would also never go on a TV talk show expressing personal relationship issues amid a unruly crowd, but some folks do. =)

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