I am really interesting to know why so many scammers in dating site.  How can they survive?  I don’t think anyone will give them money.

Or am I the lucky one?  Getting approached by many scammers…… Do I look dumb enough  or desperate to have a man?  lol

Anyone real people around?  Sigh


15 thoughts on “scammer

  1. Love scams are a big industry- I saw an investigative show about them and one of their main locations was Nigeria at the time, also the home of the Nigerian Prince in need of help to claim his inheritance scam. =)

    There are these folks, mostly men, that have set up multiple accounts posing as both sexes in search of lonely hearts. Then they juggle all the relationships and mature them to the point of being able to make money or gift requests. One guy they interviewed was so deep in it, that he occasionally actually sent his targets some money if they requested it to show some reciprocation and authenticity.

    This is now a pretty old school way to get money- the modern way is to just open a crowd sharing fundraising account and plead your case to the internet masses, haha.

    I suppose it’s similar to the bar scene of trying to weed out the genuine people from the game players.

  2. It’s not just dating sites – this scam-tasticness. and sadly, you’d not believe how many actually DO send money. now: most of my awareness to scams were the following types: Gibraltar a small country being one side of the gates to the meditterean sea spell ed that wrong… well it allows gambling online… as it is a sovereign entity it requires one to pay taxes on “winnings” common sense to anyone that the tax bill always. comes. so many would complain of the flight required with all the documents to pay a bill prior to receiving “more money” and Nigeria was the best entity of nationalities scamming at that time with cash this cheque for some reason we cant wire us the money the cheques are bogus so voila they’re paid in cash and you get a tastey withdrawl buh bounce youre accounts. days to cash cheques hence whiy everything is electronicized further to avoid rubber promises. the reasons always differ and no effort is given to the cheque not looking fraudulent – many have zero sense to the difference of ink thickness or check magnetisms of check numbering to begin to see frauds they put a cheque in the bank and take the money out thinking they did their Christian or whatever good people religiousness they employ duty made a few mpennies on the bill and are so bamboozled, be it taxes, inheritance, it doesn’t matter the actual lie… they’re plausible… but amazingly people also took up craiglist mainly ads for rooms for rent no person cares who ultimately comes so long as they have money so 3 people again did that waited and cashed bogus checks to people who never arrived causing them loss of income as no one pays a cent more than required but the trick is we all want an easy payday ;). I haven’t had the love angle but whatever angle sells…whatever angle touches both the heart whocares but at least the wallet.

      • it’s about season flourish where it is discussed…”lying is a vital part of your psychological defense system.. if you can’t lie, you can not conceel your true intentions. like when nelson put his telescope up to his blind eye and says, I see no ships! (inspiring confidence before a british sea battle of some deciveness in which he, nelson, was a hero but didn’t survive it.* or when bogart lies to protect victor laslo’s feelings…- I get it how many times have you mde me watch that movie, I know it can be noble to lie, I just can’t do it! – yes you can! WHAT”S this? – no, please! – WHAT’s This!?… it’s a small off-duty traffic warden.. Yes! you did it, no I didn’t….ooo ooo nice one. ;)”

  3. bucket of asahi super dry’s and tv time with ‘chelle? sure. butare you sure you’d laugh now as i quote a line from the show? or if you fancy a slightly more entertaining evening, you can let him take you outside and shoot you through the head” red dwar of course, but the line references when the ‘boys” ran into a pleasure GELF and each of their fantasies asking out the person they thought they saw came to light when they met with others. or perhaps it’s carta blanca of mexico’s and some cointreau spiking along with chicken tacos? or maybe a case of hoegaardens and I’ll make some sweet heat kebabs… either way it’s sitll hey lets sit around and watch tv together lol not always the most exciting thing to do 😀

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