Happy Chinese New Year of Monkey


Tomorrow, just a few more hours to wait

Will be a new year “again”.   Yes, again!

Will be Chinese New Year.

My new year of 2016 not started well.  Was tough and filled with sad news and negative energies.

Happy to have another chance to start new year.

Wish you all and your family a very happy Chinese New Year which filled by loves.  A healthy and wealthy peaceful year.

Best wishes


9 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year of Monkey

  1. the best part of cny is that it means in most places be ready for the spring work the joys of beginnings 🙂 the worst part conversely of january first western new year is that it’s let’s start it out all hung the hell over with maybe the worst points to remember… so many days to go just to see the promise of spring coming you’ve got all the holidays over western-like and the bummer of getting back to work or school lol 🙂 but for those after their dreams of say college that’s many weeks away.. for those just back from family the horrors of that or joys so sweetly short… january first western new year potents white 😉 you being from an eastern aspect can tell me white isn’t exactly the bliss of western notions buecause black’s better 😉 😀 so you had a western start to your year… have a hug and may it continue to be not ghosts white of happiness but black hugs all earthly and there. smile it up pretty one, honest, any of those you find 😀 oo la la

    • weather in HK is not extreme at all. I don’t like spring much as it rains a lot. I can’t dance in the rain…… trying hard to learn but still can’t.
      U know I work shift. So my holiday is different with “normal” people.
      I love baby blue, not white or black lol
      Still wish you a cheerful Chinese New Year of Monkey. Energetic and cheerful as monkey. Hugs

      • still wishing YOU a happy cny. 🙂 and notes colors 😀 😀 oh and because it’s wholly rotten to say, rain isn’t so bad! you’re not wicked whitch of the east from the wizard of oz movie… you wont melt 😀

      • are you threatening ooey-gooeiness? now? …shakes head… beer report. sierra nevada’s tropical ipa – a passion fruit bitter orange tasting india pale ale type beer… is a new one for you to seek out it isn’t “sweet” but neither is it so bitter that it’s repugnant. it is no where near the … thelocalrelic strawberry bouble or whatever it was “sour” again not catering to an outright vinegar twang or the ipa bitter points of the beer previously this was strawberry-ie yet a dash sour….this one i’m afraid is not internation nor likely to be anytime soon but it was tastey.or maybe it was a saison… forget off the memory of the label. earlier last month was the german joint for krystal stephaner… a weiss or wheat beer similar to the hoegaarden you know but a tad more popular in the homecountry it’d be from. travel costs seem invitingly inexpensive however, i haven’t that much handy. end of current report on beer. wine report I tried a hungarian wine called…translated as bull’s blood it was a tad soured but good none the same.

      • I think I fall in love with IPA now. Like the after taste….. hmm Strawberry? which brand? please mark it down next time. Well, believe it or not, I don’t have beer in new year till now. Just a glass of red. That’s all.
        Thanks for tempting me lol hugs

      • dange thing is so new i can’t spot it on their registry… it’s not their typical strawberry chocolate stout i know a choc stout.. it was a sour. and blond. i’ll just have to suck down another but lol glad you’ve interest.

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