Start and end

FullSizeRender 31

The relationship started from leaving toiletries deliberately at my place

Sad it ended like that, without knowing a reason ……


That’s what I deserved?!


5 thoughts on “Start and end

  1. the dumb bon mots here is 😉 he started as a leaver and lived up to his promise 😉 left stuff at your place then never came back…damn it! hate it when that happens. and I remind you that I dislike this time of age in my days when bummers occur because if I ask my self if this is what get and I get what i deserve… this doesn’t include enough denial of the rubber vaiety for me to not catch the blues 😀 but I hug you.leave you hopefully with a youtube you’re able or allowed to play it is of red dwarf, an obvious old episode but nary you worry the new series is coming out this year so it’ll soon be back on some tv and this borrowed copy whoever not me put up bless them my entire series discs disappeared during the moves… well it’s about relationships but more fun wise 😀 what little damnable irritations people can be… perhaps that’ll make you smile for a little moment.

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