heart sinking


Might be only women keep asking why

I did ask

Why stop chatting?

Surprise to get an answer

Surprise by the reason

“You found I was so close to your friend.  It’s too complicated”

Yes, your friend and I was close.   And I thought he was the right one.  But he left and disappeared for months…… Ignore all my messages……

My heart was broken by your friend

Now, you stay away from me because of your friend

Is that a double loss?

I feel sad.  I feel hurt.

I keep telling myself,  they are just guys not caring about me.


6 thoughts on “heart sinking

  1. if you are considered to need anything which is usually after hurts such is taking not giving.. no one has time for taking but what they want as life’s too short. in mild ways we all can be this way… least little sign of hurt or work and vamoose like a spanked goose all noise running and flapping away.

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