what a waste!


That’s what I did in Christmas Day.  Was too weak to leave my bed…….Hammer hitting my head and was freezing even under the blanket and next to my teddy bear.

And today …… a bit better.  Took a walk to supermarket.  Bought some dinner……


Something simple and I like much…..

But all throwing up after an hour……

What a waste……



6 thoughts on “what a waste!

  1. Listening to your body when it wants to rest is a good thing…I slept in too. =)

    You might have a bug with the round trip food….which makes sense that you needed the extra sleep to fight it. Hope you’re feeling tip top soon and the next meal stays down. =)

    • sadly, I hardly ate anything lately…. so even not worth to have more sleep to fight the bugs!
      Feel a bit better, at least no need to stay in bed whole day though stomach is still a bit upset and have headache…
      hope you are enjoying the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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