you don’t have the right!


Everyone was shock

Everyone was in sorrow

Except those who lost their mind

Except those who blaming other forcing them to do so

They don’t know they don’t have right to take other lives

If they really need to kill, they should kill themselves, even they don’t have the right to do so as well…

No more shocks, no more sorrow.

Peace and love needed.



3 thoughts on “you don’t have the right!

  1. it is incredibly shocking and saddening, isn’t it? i can’t phantom how their minds work. don’t human lives mean anything to them? who gives them the right to kill? an act of killing is NOT what a religion, ANY religion, teaches. to do so in the name of religion is an act of shaming the very religion they believe in.

    i live in indonesia, where about 90% of the population is muslim, and let me tell you true muslims are not like the ISIS group. true muslims don’t condone the act of killing innocent lives. i may not be a muslim myself, but i have friends who are muslims, and they all strongly oppose what ISIS does to the world. to them, ISIS is tainting their religion and turning other religions against theirs, while killing many muslims in the middle east as well. ISIS is not a religion, it is a cult, and it must be stopped.

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