My plan today


A friend keeps asking “what’s my plan for today?”

Well, ankle still hurt. Β What I can do?

Sent him this photo.

That’s the best I can “plan”……..


4 thoughts on “My plan today

  1. ooo I must pick on you! πŸ˜€ get your best hmph ready! why must less than perfect health deny you happiness? Okay, how very convenient i like to read books and cook the occassional food try and i even delight still in awful poetry! I can not always climb mountains and I was all grumbles moving a mattress across the house as it was heavy huffa puffa and as usual alllll by myself – river of tears time for me πŸ˜€ but why can’t i be happy that even still i can and did without toomany hurts or scratches! yay. bad example for one stuck on a couch πŸ˜€ hug how’s about that hmph now?

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