Is that the end?


I told him, he can never be my “thunder buddy”

Then, he asked if I want to stay in touch or just leave the conversation…..

Actually, I didn’t mean a break up.

I was laughing at those young people, who broke just via sending messages.

Well, I need a face to face one to make it seriously.  Or at least a video one…

But NOW….

Leave it.  I don’t want to explain

Love could come and go so easily?  Just like a blow of wind….



7 thoughts on “Is that the end?

  1. heh, I guess i guessed right. you’re answer is, yes, yes it can. … for example remember a bawdy enough tune from the 40’s ish. we’re having a heat wave *imagine snow and ice if you havve a perverse nature or watched “grumpy old men with jack lemmon and walter mathau. or the seminal M*A*S*H* episode in winter.) a tropical heat wave. the temperature is risin’ it isn’t surprisin’ it certainly can…can-can *the bawdy burlesque show girls dance of the old west america era / mulan rogue. yes, if not for the promise there is something hope anyways then sometimes it all. evaporates away. my favorites never been the same since I failed to catch a flight no matter how many hearts i say I send. I know in my real heart I lost. whatever was wont come again. of course why do we hang on? you’re old enough to know why I ask as the questiion rarely comes so swiftly around again… I don’t wish to say good bye. why must i hope without anything again for what another decade till she comes again? I’m impatient. yet I know love has rules and for whatever reason i broke hope.

      • ooo hug, thanks. yes, for that half second writing it I meant every syllable but, even then the worst i can be is tired of the same old story… but, tired isn’t without regenerations 🙂 I’m looking forward to moving. pretty pictures utter decadense i can afford at least 😀 and a bit of a stroll through all the leaves changing…spotting where next spring if it stays just wet enough i might find a mushroom or two.

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