a spare room


Have a guest room.

Leave it for Mom or Dad when they wanted to stay over.    But they seldom do so……

Leave it for overseas friends when they need a place for one or two days……

But most of time it is a stock room…. full of clothes, books, bears and all stuff I seldom needed……

Now a chance comes….

I could better utilised the room…….

A friend is coming to visit Hong Kong for a month

He wanted to rent my room.  He said he had to pay anyway, better paid to me…. and we could spend more time together.

Yes, he will come here for me.    It will be the second time we meet.

I thought it would be fine to let him stay with me.   Just like having a flat mate.  Just like having a couch surfer….

But I am surprised.  My family and friends advised me not to do so.  They said I don’t know the guy well.  And I will be away most of time.  Better play safe.


Are they thinking too much?  Or the way I see the world is too simple?


12 thoughts on “a spare room

  1. Since you said it was the second time you met, then if you spent enough time with him the first time to get a good feel about him (assuming you had longer contact via email/phone), then I would think it would be okay. It really depends on how well you know him through contact- be it in person or phone/email. Of course you would also be cautious by making sure your parents or friends had his info like his name and address so it’s not some mysterious person visiting.

    You can also have him do a trial run at a hotel, then if you feel safer about him, you can rent him the room afterwards for his remaining time.

    • well, we have been chatting on Skype for almost half year. Last time he flew here for four days only. This will be a better chance for us to know each other more. You are right. better be caution. I have turned him down already. He rents a room a few blocks away from me……Happy weekend =)

  2. the problem isn’t the risk, but whether you garuntee you have control with respect of your no. it’s fine if you’ve a sweet spot for a friend but friends often turn out to also be not friends – people wish you to be careful for your property and or safety. if you’re insured and not likely to court more than a bummer night – you’ve less reason to follow this general advise as you stand to lose so much less. if you can be heart broke and or taken advantage of people may remind you kindly when they also know you want something that perhaps this isn’t a whim you should chase. this is a moment when it is irritating to have loved ones or other friends who disagree with the situation/choice you might make. I’m not aware of your insurances and I’m only a bit acquainted with you and the feelings you share. I only say you risk a lot more than perhaps you should as you’re not protecting yourself just on the off chance it doesn’t go perfectly… you feel used no matter the cash traded hands. sorry sweets, you’re falling into the standard advice column. 😀 it doesn’t sound wise of you but too hopeful.

  3. either way, it’s really up to your own judgement. only you can decide based on the relationship/friendship you have with him, and the last time you both stayed under the same roof. but come to think about it, a month is a long time for a visit. if it’s a week or so, i think it should be ok. but for a month? yeah, the idea of living together makes it tough. if things don’t go the way you like it, you end up being the bad guy because you would have to ask him to leave and stay elsewhere. just a thought.

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