benevolent love

dying_flower_by_jade_iris-d2z5w53 He is a FB friend.  A friend never meet in real who lives in Scotland. Chatted a few times online. Looks like a funny guy and enjoying life. Two years ago, kidney cancer found him……… He has been so brave and tough.  Won the battle.  Happy for him and proud of having such a “friend”! But life is not as happy and easy as we wish…. Cancer is back and spread all over.  Everything likes a fast forward clips….. Can’t believe the speed of deterioration……. He can’t walk and suffer from traumatic pain now. But he still trying to make people around him happy and trying to make those he loves have a better lives. A month ago, he set up a page on web, raising fund for the kid of his girl friend in Thailand.   For her future education. A few days ago he posted an update on FB, the weather was so good.  He wanted to open the window…. He fell on floor as he forgot he couldn’t stand…. He said he couldn’t stop laughing while laying on floor.  He was so embarrassing.  I couldn’t even give him a smile or support but tearing…. Glad that he couldn’t see my face. I can’t handle that…..


3 thoughts on “benevolent love

  1. 🙂 😀 smile anyways and mean the god bless you. it still isn’t them to health but is hope and meaning for them to know they’ve meant and MEAN something still. 🙂

  2. he certainly someone who is much stronger than the rest of us. bravo to him for having such a high spirit and able to laugh at himself. he sounds like a nice and happy guy.

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