I like drinking.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not alcoholic.  Just like the care-free feeling while drinking and chatting with friends.

After drinking, the feeling just like having a filter in front of you.  Things look different, unusually beautiful.

You are more free to talk about anything, with anyone.

And you could have excuses for not remembering anything you had said lol

Isn’t it good enough?


p.s photo showing a glass of cocktail called “Rainbow” which mixed both rum and vodka.  Beautiful name, beautiful wine.


7 thoughts on “filter

  1. WWe must do the town 😀 I want to see laquer wear in the market and of course if there is deals on expensive electronics… but more than this I want too to walk about a park of course if you’re game I’d be glad to cook… you might be surprised what a treat it can be or lol what a fuss I made for what 😀 you must try to suffer some game card games of the west, penny pots pay gao poker of west meets east rummy,…shipping, cribbage whalers ships…whist perhaps of the finer homes of england…200 years ago. and then a glass of the right wine by moonlight.

  2. i’m the opposite. alcohol makes me sleepy instead of alive. i would be tough for me to carry on a conversation with someone when i’m under the influence.

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