couch surfing


First time trying it.

Lucky no need to sleep on sofa but a mattress.  Not bad with a sleeping bag.  It’s free!

And the host was so nice, brought us to a local bar with live music.  Well, a local band was celebrating their 30th Anniversary.   The best way to feel local life…….

He tried his best to share the music he loves and his passion in music with us as well.  Really appreciate it.

Just one thing made me uncomfortable as he was obviously into my friend.  He prepared breakfast and coffee for her but not me………

I felt I should leave them alone…… or was problem of me?  too sensitive?

I told my friend would move out after two nights.   She insisted to move out with me…… I could tell how disappointed the host when my friend told him about that.  And I was sure he was blaming on me ……. Well, I should tell him I planned to move out myself…….

Anyway, guess won’t try couch surfing again!  But it was a good experience!

2 thoughts on “couch surfing

  1. i’ve checked out the site before. was considering it for a while but decided to just stick with paying for hotels. doesn’t seem right to stay at people’s home when i can’t do the same for them.

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