grass greener on the other side?


Know that there is only one moon.  Still can’t understand why the moon looks bigger and brighter else where.

But instead of looking for a bigger and brighter one, sometimes I am happy with what I have.  Feel lucky able to see the moon around with such a beautiful environment.

And happy to share with you =)


16 thoughts on “grass greener on the other side?

  1. thank you, right now I’m stealing it so you can suffer the sun 😀 as to why it’s bigger, that’s the same reason the sky is blue…diffraction! exactly why me no know but I read that’s the place to start.

    what can the moon say
    as it silvers the night skies
    trasure this our time.

    just one more story is the ray of this our moon lighting fate’s steps on.

    what does one night sing? is it a river of laughter? to echo through life

    has moon silvered tears dripping treasures of wishes brightening hopes.

    upon oceans wept our dreams collect bobbing fro’ to the pull of moon.

    …oh, and yes, the grass is always greener on the oher side because their’s more shit there 😉 – you can imagine the above as five poems of a theme or you may wrap one up as a circular luminary and put from it three rays of the other poems and make a wave of the last as the moon upon the ocean. and have a hug too.

  2. i guess it all depends on where you are located on the planet. some countries would get a better view, i’m sure. and maybe also the level of pollution in the air that may be blocking a perfect view of the sky.

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