Straight or curly?

I am sure it bothered all women all the time.  

Well, not talking about the orientation of men but hair lol

Actually, short or long is another issue.  But I prefer long hair.  So have to decide straight or wavy only.  Have been keeping straight hair for 10 years as it is easy to manage.  Comb hair is all I have to do before going out……… It is perfectly suit lazy me 😛

But do feel boring after all these years.   Wanted a fresh image……. 

Which one suits me?  




34 thoughts on “Straight or curly?

  1. i think curly looks just as nice. maybe you won’t have to blow dry your hair all the time when you wearing it curly. saves time, no?

  2. First things first, you look lovely either way my friend. Whichever makes you happier is the right choice for you! However, I must say I love your curly hair! You look so stunning with the curly hair. WOW!!

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