Not an ordinary bear………



Do you know him?  

A bear?  

lol Yes, a bear from Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan.  A 4 years old bear.  

If you can read Japanese, you can check details here

Well, he is in Hong Kong now till the end of August.  Wow Wow.


So went to have lunch “with” him today.



Only a few choices but enough to make me excited.  

Must have the caffe latte.  You know why once seeing the photo


See the smile blushing cute face?  I really wanted to keep that face…… tried not to drink the latte lol

Then check out the coffee cup


IMG_4883 IMG_4881

Details at the back as well.   ♥️♥️♥️

I have ordered latte and Omelette rice…… 


Looks yummy right?  The omelette was very fresh and smooth.  “fluffy” as it named.  And like the salad as well.  Round and soft Japanese rice….. 


Another surprise after I finished all.  See Kumamon was sleeping in the middle of plate?  I really love those design in details.   It do make me smile.

It was a lovely lunch.  Except drink and food came too slow.  It took 25 mins to get the latte and 45 mins for the rice….. Also, staff there were not doing their work.  When you raised your hand or said excuse me, most of them just giving you a gesture of “wait”.  But they never came back and checked what you needed.   I hope Kumamon noticed that lol 



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