Chocolate bunny hunting………



Chocolate bear and bunnies.  What you think?  

Which one you want?  

hmm.. Of course, most of my friends know I like bears so much.  So might be it’s easy for me.

But it’s Easter!  Bunny looks like a necessity.  

I don’t have any religion belief.  And I do shift work  and sadly going to have to work all over Easter weekend.

So I decided……………



To have both Chocolate bear and bunny as compensate!!!!!!

No matter you celebrate Easter or not.  Have a great weekend or holiday.




12 thoughts on “Chocolate bunny hunting………

  1. I can relate- I’ve had numerous occasions to be working during the holidays on jobs that operated 24/7. At least when you get your time off you’ll be able to shop or go to places with ease since most folks will be at work. =)

  2. Life’s too short just to have one, so why not have both! You deserve all the chocolate bears and bunnies in the world! 😉 I love the picture of you with the bear and bunny. It’s really cute, and I love how happy you look! 🙂

    I’m sorry you couldn’t be off to really enjoy it :(, but that’s how it goes sometimes unfortunately. My mom had to work Easter weekend as well. Hopefully it’ll be different next time.

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