Drinks between 2 or 3 (Part II)


We went to SOHO without waiting his “gf”.   Walked around and picked a bar randomly.  He asked me to recommend one.   I said the one I like didn’t mean he would like it.  

He texted his “gf” the location after seating.  We started drinking and eating.  I was wondering if his “gf”  would really show up.  She arrived an hour later when I was in washroom.   She couldn’t find the bar and my friend just let her to find the place.  Not going to pick her up.  haha how gentleman he was.  

She ordered a cup of coffee while we were having beer and wine……  What a special lady.  She said not hungry, so just had a slice of pizza which we had order.  That’s her dinner……

I proposed to have dessert after dinner.  Well, I like dessert much.  A cosy cafe for crepe was the one I wanted.





The lady didn’t talked much at that night even I let her sat next to my friend 😛  But she was sweet, she gave a small gift to my friend as I saw my friend carried a paper bag when leaving.  Should be the gift she gave him.  

My dating night was ok.  As I got my wine and dessert 😛  Not sure if the lady enjoyed it or not.  But at least she was there as per her request.  

After that night my friend told me that lady liked me a lot and wanted to give me a gift.  What?  I told him I didn’t need any gifts from his “gf”.  She could please him in whatever ways she wanted but please didn’t get me involved.  And I still couldn’t understand why my friend told one of his date he liked me a lot.   And let her in our date though I told him we were only friend at that stage and he told me he wanted more.  Told him I didn’t want to go out with his girls anymore.  I didn’t want to taking care of them lol  

Strange friend,  strange girl and strange dating.   

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