drinks between two or three?


Planned to have drinks with a friend I had met twice tomorrow night.

Tonight he asked if his friend could join the drinks.  As she would be hanging around and wanted to tag along.  Totally fine to me till he said his friend knew that he likes me.  And he had told her we were going to have a date tomorrow.

Hang on, hang on.  What?  Your friend wanted to join your date?!

I told my friend I would never bother if I knew my was going to have a date.  Unless they were a stable couple and they invited me.  OR I was jealous and wanted to spoil the date………….. I bet with my friend, his female friend is interested in him and that’s why she wanted to join the drinks.    Am I the only devil who has such kind of evil thought?  lol  Well, that’s the first thing came into my mind.  Or it’s the other way round?  My friend wanted me to make his female friend jealous?  haha I don’t know.

Besides, I had told my friend if his female friend was fierce to me, I would leave earlier and leave all of him to her.  Then he shouldn’t ask why and just paid the bill 😛

Let’s stay tune.


4 thoughts on “drinks between two or three?

  1. forgive me. but looking at your pic, i just can’t help but wonder… what would that red wine taste like when mixed with some of that heinz yellow mustard?… :p

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