colouring your face………


Guess most girls have more than enough eyeshadows home.

For me it just likes shoes.  Can’t refrain from temptation though I knew I have two feet only lol

And I was so tempted by this one


It’s amazing or scary?  haha  Well, it’s more than eyeshadows but for cheeks and lips as well.  Looks like you got all the colours you needed there.

But I got problems in applying eyeshadows.  I don’t know the rules.  There are always at least three colour in a palette.  So where to put those colour to make my eyes looks charming?


Darker colour near eyes?  Or lighter colour?  haha  I am really confusing

Glad to find this one…….


It’s clear and easy now.  Happy to find instruction at the back of palette.

Will choose intense “not that shy” colour for weekend.

Have a good weekend all!


6 thoughts on “colouring your face………

  1. oh. i know that trademark. ‘b’. it’s agnes b. high end clothing store for women and a cafe chain. i went to one of the several agnes b coffee shops when in hongkong. and got some chocolate covered coffee beans. they are yummy 🙂

      • believe it or not, i’m not a big fan of chocolates. in most cases it’s because they are overly sweet and milky. i like mine dark. i mean, real dark. at least 65%. b’s chocolate covered coffee beans is using dark chocolate. it’s probably not as high as 65%, but the bitterness of the coffee beans go real well with the chocolate. chocolate tastes better somehow when it tastes slightly bitter.

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