I am active in some social networks just like most people I think.  Don’t you?

Lucky have chances to make new friends around the world.  It is easy to talk to people on internet than over the phone or face to face.  Anyone disagree?

I work in a retail store.  There are thousands of customer visits daily.  One morning a guy came and talked to me.  I just replied politely and then continued my work.  Well, I was wondering if I knew him.  But I couldn’t remember his face.  At that night got a message from a friend, he asked why I ignored him in store.  Frankly, I couldn’t recognise him. I met him once in store.   He had told me about his visit in advance at that time  and we just had a quick chat.  

And this time, I couldn’t remember him  though we stayed in touch online but I really couldn’t recognise him.  Well, my fault.  He didn’t accept my apologies and explanation and merely concluded that “I have too many men in my life”.

I feel bad as I lost a friend due to my fault  He was kind to me but not this time.  I still don’t understand why he is so upset………

Friends are not forever and always…………….. 


14 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I’m upset because I went out of my way to visit you, and you treated me just like another “customer”…grrrrrr! Haha. 😉

    Seriously though, the guy has no right to be upset. You’re in an environment where you are seeing tons of people, and a guy you only met once for a brief time is wondering why you didn’t immediately place his face? His expectations are way too unrealistic. He should have helped you to remember rather than putting you on the spot.

    If I’m walking in the street, my mind can be focused on something else- and I’ve been know to pass people by I know who were trying to get my attention because I didn’t see them. One person literally grabbed me and then my focus shifted and apologized for “ignoring” them…we both laughed. =)

    His refusal to accept your apology is more of a reflection on him than yourself. What kind of friend ends friendships because of something so minor? Doesn’t sound like a decent friend to begin with.

  2. I agree with @soulfire.

    Also, “Too many men in your life”…? I’m pretty sure friendship is not what he had in mind when he came to meet you.

  3. I have that problem every day. you see, I cant recognize faces too well or too too many of them. you see, heh, I don’t see. case in point something as simple as me not expecting such a shorty led me to walk past the only date the old xanga brought me….thankfully she recognized me! I took this quiz once…. it said I’m about 53% which is about as good as flipping a coin! 😀 however in the real world I’m occassionally able to spot people a few blocks away because of their shape… which always gets me this look of you’re not blind liar! and besides much of how we recognize others ultimately is fairly rude anyways like wrinkles and such.

  4. i’m one of those with a short-term memory. i’m not good with faces, even worse with names. so i kinda relate to this. i forget things easily and i HAVE forgotten a friend whom i’m friended with on facebook and he was a fellow schoolmate back in high school. how bad is that!

    we haven’t seen each other in years since graduation. i was in singapore visiting and walking at a mall, and there he was with his family (they live there). he was the first to greet me but i didn’t even remember his face. he had to remind me who he was and it then clicked in my head that we are already friends on facebook. i felt real bad. good thing is he is a friendly guy and quickly saved me by saying that it’s probably cause he has gained weight since high school.

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